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Corneal Swelling After Cataract Surgery

Corneal Swelling After Cataract Surgery

October 13, 2022

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether it is normal to have corneal swelling after cataract surgery. First of all, cataract surgery helps you to improve your vision and you would not want blurred vision after surgery. However, it is so normal to have corneal swelling after cataract surgery. Normally these may take a few days and after a short time of blurred vision and swelling eyelid, your vision gets clear. 

Corneal Edema Treatment After Cataract Surgery

Briefly, corneal edema happens when your endothelial cells do not function well after the cataract surgery and your vision gets blurred. Mainly endothelial cells help to keep the cornea clear and in such cases, if your cornea does not have extra cells you may experience corneal edema. In normal conditions, endothelial cells provide hydration for the corneal however you may have a low density of cells by getting older or damage to the tissue.

Dysfunctioning of cells may cause inflammation, infection, injuries and eye diseases. If the cornea edema is mild it is generally recommended to use eye drops with concentrated saline (salt-and-water) drops. If the swelling is serious then you may consult your doctor for surgical treatment however thanks to the developed lens designs it rarely happens to cataract surgery causes corneal edema than it was before. 

●  Late Onset Corneal Edema After Cataract Surgery

It is not so common to have late-onset corneal edema after cataract surgery however it may happen rarely. Generally, the corneal edema occurs after the surgery and after a period of time your vision gets clear. In this case the corneal edema may occur one month after the cataract surgery.  Late-onset corneal edema may happen unusually or after very complicated surgeries. It is reported that late-onset corneal edema is caused by the fragments either nuclear fragments or IOL fragments and may be rarely by the endothelins.

Things To Pay Attention After Cataract Surgery

Like in every after surgical procedure, there are several things to pay attention to. As your eyes are your critical organ you should pay attention more than usual. Even if you do not have any swelling or inflammation, you should take care of your eyes after cataract surgery. Some of the facts can be so little or simple however it will be worth it to save your eye health and improve the treatment after cataract surgery. So, have a look at the DOs and Don’ts list after cataract surgery.

What to Do After Cataract Surgery

The first step is to use eye drops to protect your eyes and improve healing.

Wear sunglasses to prevent any dust, damage, or intense light from outside

Keep the protective shield even if you nap, always wear the sleeping shield in bed

Eat fiber-rich whole food, green vegetables

What Not to Do After Cataract Surgery

Ask for help to drive home and consult your doctor when is the good time for a clear vision to drive in recovery period 

Don’t rub your eyes

Do not swim or stay in sauna, or hot tub, and avoid direct water for a week

Don’t get shampoo or soap on your eyes

Avoid food high in sugar and carbohydrates