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How False Eyelashes Can Cause Serious Eye Problems

How False Eyelashes Can Cause Serious Eye Problems

November 30, 2022

Fake eyelashes or falsies are synthetic, temporary and false hairs adhered onto a strip to be pasted on the lash line with temporary glue for cosmetic purpose of embellishing the eyes. Similar to these are eyelash extensions, glued, generally by a professional, onto natural lashes to enhance the length, shape, volume, and density of natural eyelashes.

What Are the Risks of Wearing False Eyelashes?


If you wear your artificial eyelashes to night or for longer than one day, bacteria may gather on the false eyelashes and under the eyelash adhesive. Furthermore, since synthetic eyelashes shouldn't get wet, you might find yourself taking fewer showers or washing your face less frequently. Because of the drop in skincare cleanliness, there may be more dirt and bacteria than usual around the eyes, which can cause infections. Eye infections can cause swelling, discomfort, or discharge.

Damage to Your Natural Lashes

Your natural lashes may become damaged as a result of using fake eyelashes. Your lashes may tear or thin out if artificial eyelashes are applied incorrectly. If you yank, twist, or scratch your eyes, this could get worse. Generally speaking, the gentler you are with your artificial eyelashes, the less likely it is that you may hurt your real ones.


Contaminated fake eyelashes can cause a serious eye infection like keratitis which will manifest as pain and redness in effected eye.

Adhesive Allergies Or Burns

Skin reactions or sensitivities to the lash superglue used cause the majority of false eyelash issues. Chemical burns, swollen, erythematous skin, and eye complaints were among the mild to severe symptoms. Eyelash glues frequently contain cyanoacrylates. Rather than causing a chemical burn, cyanoacrylate glue instead causes a thermal burn. Although uncommon, these burns can be very bad. Eyelid inflammation can occasionally be misinterpreted for an anaphylactic reaction.

Allergic Reaction

The material used in manufacturing fake eyelashes or their glue can trigger a host’s immune system. It might result in photophobia, swelling of eyes, blurred vision discharge from eyes with mild fever.

Loss of Natural Lashes

Appling and taking falsies off over and over again or incorrect use of falsies causes loss of natural lashes, if used for a very long time.


It is a tiny painful swelling located adjacent to your lash line. It is a rare possibility.

How to Avoid Eye Problems Associated with False Eyelashes

Eye care is critical with the use of any cosmetic material. Havocs of the fake lashes can be prevented by:

Minimizing the quantity used of adhesive glue.

Removing the lashes gently.

Cleaning the eyelids after taking off the lashes.

Avoiding formaldehyde-containing glue.

Never exchanging lashes with anyone else.

Avoiding glittery or jeweled lashes.

Using oil-free makeup removers and cleansers.

Rubbing your eyes vigorously rather than playing with or picking at your eyelashes.

Signs That You Have an Eye Problem

Pain, burning or redness in your eyes

Swelling in eyes or around eyes

Increased vulnerability to light

Discharge from eyes like purulent, clear or watery

Blurred or double vision

Floaters or flashes in eyes

Grittiness, itching and irritation in eyes

Excessive lacrimation