World's First Calibreye System Implanted in a Human Patient for Glaucoma

World's First Calibreye System Implanted in a Human Patient for Glaucoma

October 12, 2023

CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, a member of CHA Health Systems, announced that Dr. Rohit Varma, the Founding Director of its cutting-edge Southern California Eye Institute, has successfully implanted the world's first Calibreye System, a next-generation glaucoma drainage device, into a human patient.

This remarkable device holds the potential to revolutionize glaucoma management in ways previously unseen in the field of ophthalmology. The Calibreye System is meticulously engineered to empower specialists with manual control over the regulation of titratable outflow in glaucoma patients, aligning with their individualized treatment plans.

This controllable titratable outflow is strategically designed to effectively reduce intraocular pressure (IOP), which is the fluid pressure within the eye. Elevated IOP stands as a primary contributor to irreversible vision loss in patients suffering from glaucoma.

Dr. Rohit Varma stated, “Unlike other glaucoma drainage devices, the titratable outflow of the Calibreye System has the potential to achieve personalized optimal IOP in our patients, with simple, in-office adjustments. I believe this is a transformative advance in the management of our patients with moderate and severe glaucoma.”

With a worldwide impact that extends to almost 66 million individuals, glaucoma stands as the primary catalyst for irreversible blindness. Among these 66 million people suffering from glaucoma, more than a third grapple with moderate to severe forms of the condition, thereby elevating their susceptibility to blindness.

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