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Iridex Launches Iridex 532 and Iridex 577 Lasers in the U.S.

Iridex Launches Iridex 532 and Iridex 577 Lasers in the U.S.

January 15, 2024

Iridex has launhed its latest laser platforms, the Iridex 532 and Iridex 577 lasers, in the United States. The company highlights that both lasers are equipped with multiple treatment modes, incorporating continuous-wave and the proprietary MicroPulse technology.

The devices boast an intuitive touchscreen interface, offering a wide array of clinical control options and features tailored for the treatment of glaucoma, diabetic macular edema, and various other retinal diseases.

The MicroPulse technology is a standout feature, delivering a distinctive treatment approach that ensures the safe, effective, and proven management of targeted sight-threatening eye conditions. Iridex is set to showcase these cutting-edge devices at the Hawaiian Eye and Retina 2024 Meeting scheduled from January 13-19 in Wailea, Hawaii.

Outlined in the company's press release, key features of the Iridex 532 and Iridex 577 lasers include:

1. Comprehensive Treatment Reports: Physicians can generate detailed reports of treatment parameters for each procedure, facilitating easy management and downloading to a USB drive.

2. Configurable Preset Filters: Customizable filters enable simple program management and selection through the new preset management tool, allowing personalized selections by procedure and by individual doctors.

3. Enhanced User Experience: The multifunctional single control knob simplifies console navigation, while the 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen display provides an interactive experience. This enables physicians to navigate seamlessly between options.

4. MicroPulse Laser Applications: The MicroPulse laser delivery modality adds fine control of photothermal effects in laser photocoagulation, offering a tissue-sparing solution for the treatment of retinal diseases and glaucoma.

Dr. Sam Mansour, Medical Director of the Virginia Retina Center, expressed his satisfaction with the Iridex 577 nm laser, stating, “I was very pleased with the compact design and intuitive user interface. Its treatment-session recordings enhance therapeutic tracking from subsequent laser sessions, and the rapid maneuverability between console menus will undoubtedly improve patient flow. Having used Iridex laser systems for 30 years, I can attest to the highly dependable quality of their products.”

David Bruce, President and CEO of Iridex Corporation, emphasized in the press release, “The launch of the new Iridex 532 and Iridex 577 Lasers stands as a testament to our 3-year heritage of providing advanced laser solutions to ophthalmologists worldwide. These innovations mark a pivotal moment for us, blending modern technology with user-centric design to ensure optimized treatments for retinal disorders and glaucoma.”