Tracey Technologies Announces New Features for iTrace Aberrometer

Tracey Technologies Announces New Features for iTrace Aberrometer

February 06, 2023

Tracey Technologies announced the launch of iTrace Prime, an upgraded software for the iTrace Ray Tracing aberrometer and corneal topographer.

The latest software update (7.0) enhances the information gathering capabilities of a single device, as per a company announcement. The "Prime Dashboard" now features two additional indices: the Corneal Performance Index (CPI) and the Quality of Vision Index (QVI), in addition to the proprietary Dysfunctional Lens Index (DLI).

Tracey Technologies stated that the additional data offers practitioners a more complete understanding of their patients' vision and enhances their ability to pinpoint the cause of visual issues, facilitating the selection of the optimal treatment plan for each patient.

The iTrace Prime upgrade features Tear Film Analysis, which captures images of the eye surface for 12 seconds post-blink. This allows for the assessment of local shape and sharpness changes of Placido rings. A proprietary algorithm then calculates the Tear Film Index (TFI), a score from 0-10 that evaluates the impact of Dry Eye Disease (DED) on a patient's vision.

“We’re proud to continue developing iTrace capabilities as we stay at the leading edge of the vision industry,” said Ray Sievert, Tracey’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The quality and stability of the ocular surface is a critical component of understanding a patient’s vision issues as we strive to help surgeons provide exceptional outcomes after eye surgery. We’re proud that iTrace Prime is making it possible for doctors to utilize even more needed information from a single device.”

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