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Reichert Technologies Introduces Tono-Vera Tonometer with ActiView

Reichert Technologies Introduces Tono-Vera Tonometer with ActiView

May 17, 2024

Reichert Technologies announced the launch of the Tono-Vera Tonometer with ActiView Positioning System in the United States. This innovative handheld device is designed to provide quick, automated, and reliable intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements using rebound tonometer technology, which eliminates the need for topical anesthetic.

Advanced Features and Technology

The Tono-Vera Tonometer incorporates the patented ActiView Positioning System, which assists users in aligning the device with the apex of the cornea. The system features a full-color view of the eye and an intuitive, interactive user interface to ensure optimal positioning for accurate IOP measurement. According to Reichert, a business unit of Ametek Inc., the Tono-Vera Tonometer can deliver results in as few as three measurements taken in under one second once correct alignment is achieved.

User-Friendly Design

Ergonomically designed and lightweight, the Tono-Vera Tonometer includes a Flexi-Soft Forehead Rest to facilitate easy distance control and enhance patient comfort. Additionally, it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, simplifying the process of transferring data.

The Tono-Vera Tonometer is available in two models: Rechargeable and AA Battery. Both models are designed for portability and ease of use, featuring quick and tool-free battery changes.

Scott Parks, Reichert's DVP of Engineering and Research/Development, highlighted the innovations extending beyond the device itself. “Innovations for Tono-Vera go beyond the device, such as the base that holds the instrument. It also efficiently stores and dispenses single-use Ocu-Dot Tonometer Probes, as well as charges the Tono-Vera Rechargeable Model,” said Parks.