Nidek Launches Cube Alpha Ophthalmic Surgical System

Nidek Launches Cube Alpha Ophthalmic Surgical System

February 07, 2023

Nidek has introduced the Cube α ophthalmic surgical system, which is designed to incorporate new ultrasound technology for enhanced phacoemulsification.

Nidek reports that the Cube α features Gyro torsional technology within its compact design. The torsional ultrasound oscillation enhances the delivery of ultrasound energy, particularly for moderate cataracts. The design improvements enhance surgical safety by safeguarding intraocular tissues.

According to Nidek, the straight Gyro tip design facilitates easy handling and reduces fluid turbulence during lens emulsification. The newly designed Neo sleeve series offers improved fluid dynamics and superior anterior chamber stability. The combination of the tip and sleeve leads to a more efficient and safe surgical outcome through improved fluid dynamics in the eye.

“The Cube α incorporates a number of unique features for a comprehensive, handy platform to perform cataract surgery.” says Motoki Ozawa, President and CEO of NIDEK CO., LTD. “We believe this device facilitates surgical maneuvers during cataract surgery that allow for greater surgeon satisfaction and patient safety.”

The Cube α is CE Mark approved. It is not yet cleared by the FDA.