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Visionix Introduces Second Generation VX 650 Multimodal Screener at Vision Expo 2023

Visionix Introduces Second Generation VX 650 Multimodal Screener at Vision Expo 2023

March 14, 2023

Visionix has announced the release of the second generation of its VX 650 multimodal device. First launched in 2021, the VX 650 is an advanced anterior segment analyzer with retinal imaging capabilities. The updated version features an enhanced wavefront-based aberrometer that includes a "quick mode" and new capture flexibilities. These new features can reduce screening time by up to 50%, resulting in improved product efficiency.

The VX 650 provides a cost-effective solution for a comprehensive eye exam suite at either a new or additional location, particularly when paired with a compatible refraction system such as the Eye Refract. Its ease of use and quick staff adoption enable clinicians to delegate the entire data collection process to a technician with minimal training, allowing for greater confidence in the screening process.

The combination of data connectivity and multimodality in the Visionix system enables practices to improve patient education. Clinicians can view and review test results through HIPAA-compliant software immediately, either at a separate viewing station in another room or office. Additionally, the proprietary Visionix viewing software allows for more effective patient education through various visualizations that can supplement in-person or remote consultations.

Visionix USA will be showcasing their next generation eye exam technologies, including the new VX 650 multimodal screener, at booth #F2205 during the Vision Expo East event. Additionally, Optovue OCTs and Briot/Weco lens finishing platforms will also be on display.

Attendees can request an ROI consultation to explore ways to grow and scale their practice. For those unable to attend Vision Expo East, ECPs can schedule an online demo or ROI consultation for any Visionix product at visionix.com/us/virtualdemo