BioTissue Introduces CAM360 AmnioGraft Therapy for Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disorders

BioTissue Introduces CAM360 AmnioGraft Therapy for Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disorders

June 04, 2024

BioTissue announced the launch of CAM360 AmnioGraft (CAM360 AG), a new, hydrated, shelf-stable 'Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane' (CAM) solution designed for treating dry eye and various ocular surface disorders. Initial shipments of the product have commenced, with nationwide availability expected by the end of the month.

CAM360 AG: Tailored Treatment for Dry Eye Disease

CAM360 AG, tailored for patients with mild to moderate dry eye disease and other ocular surface conditions, represents a ringless CAM that doesn't necessitate refrigeration. Its adhesive properties ensure the CAM remains in position under a Bandage Contact Lens (BCL), aiming to enhance patient comfort and treatment effectiveness.

Revolutionizing Ocular Surface Treatment with CAM360 AG

"The introduction of CAM360 AG revolutionizes how eye care professionals can leverage regenerative medicine in the treatment of the ocular surface, particularly when it comes to dry eye disease," stated Ted Davis, President and CEO of BioTissue, in a company news release. "Dry eye disease is a progressive disease, and until now, the lack of options available meant that practitioners often had to wait until the patient’s condition worsened before they could intervene. CAM360 AG bridges that gap, enabling practitioners to provide more patients with treatment much earlier, which is a true reflection of our dedication to improving patients’ lives with everything we do."

CAM's distinct composition exerts anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring, and anti-angiogenic effects that aid in promoting the body’s healing capabilities. It is adaptable to treat various conditions, including mild to moderate dry eye disease, superficial punctate keratitis, neurotrophic keratitis, among others, as per BioTissue.

BioTissue's CryoTek and SteriTek Methods

BioTissue's proprietary CryoTek and SteriTek preservation methods stand as the only proven processing techniques retaining the HC-HA/PTX3 found in fresh tissue, responsible for amniotic membrane’s therapeutic benefits. These processes were intricately designed to optimize preservation while offering efficiencies in handling, storage, and product application.

With a track record of providing treatment to over 800,000 patients and scientific and clinical breakthroughs documented in more than 390 peer-reviewed publications, BioTissue aims to address unmet needs in the ocular, orthopedic, and wound management markets.