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VSY Biotechnology Showcases Novel Enova Advanced EDoF IOL at EPOMEC 2023

VSY Biotechnology Showcases Novel Enova Advanced EDoF IOL at EPOMEC 2023

November 28, 2023

VSY Biotechnology, a leading company in ophthalmic innovations, made a notable presence at the 10th Evolving Practice of Ophthalmology Middle East Conference (EPOMEC 2023) in Dubai. The conference, held from 23-25 November, marked a significant moment for VSY Biotechnology as it seized the opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge advancements in Extended Depth of Focus (EDoF) Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) – the Enova AdvancedTM.

As a Platinum Sponsor, VSY Biotechnology showcased Enova AdvancedTM EDoF IOL, inviting attendees to explore this transformative advancement in the field of ophthalmology. The Enova AdvancedTM was introduced through an engaging scientific program, featuring a launch symposium including Dr. Khaled Khalifa, Dr. Hazem Yassin, and Dr. Florian Tobias Kretz.

Dr. Khaled Khalifa, a respected figure in the field, hosted a launch symposium dedicated to the Enova AdvancedTM EDoF IOL, providing insights into its features and benefits. Dr. Hazem Yassin from the National Eye Hospital in Cairo conducted a live surgery, implanting the Enova Advanced IOL, which was broadcast from Al Watani Hospital in Cairo during the congress.

Furthermore, Dr. Florian Tobias Kretz, a distinguished panel member at the EPOMEC 2023, shared comprehensive information about VSY Biotechnology's products and innovations, delving into their technical features and presenting insightful data. He also offered valuable insights derived from his extensive clinical experience, shedding light on his approach to patients.

Throughout the congress, VSY Biotechnology's booth was a hub of activity, with experts on hand to provide in-depth information about Enova AdvancedTM and other innovations. The Platinum Sponsor Award was presented to VSY Biotechnology by Dr. Saleh El Mosaabi from Samaya Medical Center, Dr. Mourad El Outhani from SKMC Hospital, and Dr. Ahmed El Marzouki from TWAM Hospital.

About Enova AdvancedTM EDoF IOL

Enova AdvancedTM EDoF IOL incorporates Non-diffractive "Light Tailoring Technology" to provide reliable visual outcomes. It offers commendable visual acuity for far vision, extending its performance to encompass satisfactory visual acuity for intermediate vision, reaching into the near vision zone. The lens features a monofocal-like halo and glare profile, contributing to its overall visual performance.

Introduced on the next-generation hydrophobic Enova® IOL material platform, the lens is characterized by a 100% glistening-free composition and a dry-packed design, ensuring consistent optical clarity. It exhibits controlled unfolding, even under varying operating room temperature settings, emphasizing its adaptability in surgical settings and potential benefits for patients.

For more information about VSY Biotechnology and its cutting-edge Enova Advanced EDoF IOL, please visit the website.