Interview: Co-Founder Morena Gomedi Unveils Details of Espansione Group’s Newest Technology

Interview: Co-Founder Morena Gomedi Unveils Details of Espansione Group’s Newest Technology

September 21, 2022

Founded in 1981, Espansione Group designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative devices and solutions in the fields of ophthalmology and dermatology. Headquartered in Italy, the company sells its medical equipment and state-of-the-art solutions to more than 50 countries.

When it comes to its operations in the ophthalmic field, the company mainly focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface conditions. Through its advanced know-how in the field, Espansione Group is setting the standard in the industry thanks to its eye-light® solution and Light Modulation® LLLT technology.

At the 40th Congress of the ESCRS, where all industry players are gathered together, Espansione Group is proudly showcasing eye-light® and Light Modulation® LLLT, while introducing a brand-new application for the treatment of AMD.

We sat down with Morena Gomedi, the Co-Founder and Head of Scientific Management at Espansione Group, and discussed the company’s newest innovative solutions.

OBN: Hello Mrs. Gomedi. It’s nice to meet you. First, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Morena Gomedi: My professional training finds its roots in the close cooperation with Ophthalmologists. I have been the Italian scientific supporter of professionals for years and I mainly co-operated with Dr. F. Verzella of Bologna, a well-known surgeon on the Italian panorama.

In 1983, I joined the Espansione project as Scientific Director acting as trait-d’union with the most renowned Ophthalmologists and Optometrist around the globe.

OBN: We are very curious about what’s new at the Espansione Group this year. Could you tell us about your new product launch at the ESCRS?

Morena Gomedi: Before anything, thanks to the cooperation with well-known surgeons and just to name a few, Prof. Rohit Shetty from India, Prof. Karl Stonecipher from US, Dr. Paul Karpecki from US, Prof. Giuseppe Giannaccare from Italy, Prof. Béatrice Cochener from France, we have the great satisfaction to present a widening treatment opportunity for several ophthalmic pathologies that to date found no solution. Among others, the Sjögren Syndrome, which has been related already in a scientific paper, by Dr. Di Marino at the University of Rome Tor Vergata Italy. This important clinical work highlights that for the first time, thanks to a new module applied to our Eye-Light® device, it is possible to solve this highly handicapping pathology in a few applications only.

Another topic that sits close to our heart is Chalazia which affects more and more young and very young children. With our Light Modulation®/LLLT technology - rather than surgery - we can solve a Chalazia with 2 to 3 treatments.

Last but not least, the official announcement of a multicenter European clinical study, ongoing among 8 primary universities about the treatment of macular degeneration (i.e., AMD) anticipated exciting results already lead us to believe we shall revolutionize the technological armamentarium throughout the world.

OBN: How is this new product is linked with your flagship solutions known as eye-light® and Light Modulation® Low-Level Light Therapy?

Morena Gomedi: Our patented Light Modulation® technology, already used in dermatology and plastic surgery since 2003, over the last 5 years has become our “cutting edge” to face, treat and solve several eye pathologies.

This technology, at present used in many fields of medicine, finds now, thanks to our approach, an important development in the ophthalmic field basing its efficacy on the production solicitation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), being this the “powerhouse” to all cells in the human body. Thanks to different wavelengths, patented and dedicated application devices, we can cure multiple tissues going from Meibomian glands to retinal cells.

OBN: As the Head of Scientific Management and the Co-founder at Espansione Group, what do you hope to achieve in the future?

Morena Gomedi: Photobiomodulation is a technology that, born in NASA labs in the US, constantly brings along new developments and opportunities. For our company, that studies this technology for over 20 years, it is a constant source for new treatments and we are currently in the final phase of development of new ophthalmic therapeutical, but not only, applications.

The exceeding 1,500 devices installed across the world and the circa 200.000 ophthalmic treatments made per year, speak for themselves.

OBN: Do you have any plans to expand your product portfolio for other eye conditions other than ocular surface diseases or AMD?

Morena Gomedi: We are collecting numerous important testimonies by clinical centers from lots of different Countries about the efficacy of our Light Modulation®/LLLT technology to optimize cataract and refractive surgery, and this will be one of our primary objectives for years ahead.

OBN: As a business owner yourself, what advice would you give to someone who is trying to become an entrepreneur?

Morena Gomedi: Fight for your ideas and be passionate about anything you do. The other piece of advice is to have around people that share the same passion, in my fortunate case, it is my husband.

OBN: Do you have any favorite quotes, or mottos that you would like to share with us?

Morena Gomedi: Don’t ever give up. Thank you OBN!