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Areds 2 Supplement and AMD

March 27, 2023

AMD stands for age-related macular degeneration and it is an eye disease where your vision is blurred. Using Areds 2 supplement depends on the stage you have the blurry vision either early intermediate or late. Also depending on AMD in one eye and both eyes determine the treatment choices whether you can use Areds 2 or not. 

What Is Areds 2 Supplement?

Areds 2 formula is the combination of vitamins and minerals that contain vitamin C and E as well as copper, zinc and lutein. The name of Areds is actually coming from the letters by the result of clinical tests of Age-Related Eye Diseases Studies that wşith right amount of combination helps to reduce the visiın loss. This is a super supplement that every ingredient has a positive effect on eye health and it is a successful result of the areds 2 study. 

Who Should Take Areds 2 Supplement for AMD?

Depending on which stage you have the age-related macular degeneration, you can benefit from the supplement Areds 2. According to the studies and experiences, those who have the early stage of AMD are not advised to take Areds 2 vitamins; it is not much helpful. However if you have an intermediate level of AMD or only one eye then taking the supplement gives a positive result to lower the vision loss. But if you have already a late stage of AMD then using areds 2 probably will not help any more.

Are There Any Risks of Taking Areds 2?

In addition to original areds formula, Areds 2 contains omega 3 but not beta carotene (vitamin A). If you are a smoker than taking this supplement of Areds 2 is advised as the version with vitamin A take the risk of lung cancer. For omega 3 there is no specific positive or negative effect on the combination. Even though the supplement includes vitamins the way your body to digest may differs and always better to use with doctoral control.

What Are the Side Effects of Preservision Areds 2?

Like every drug and supplement, the overdose of taking them carries side effects. If you are pregnant or having kidney problems, you should let your doctor know about having the dose or any allergic reactions. Although it is a super supplement formula for eye health the side effects of preservision Areds 2 may be the following;

● Loss of appetite

● Tiredness

● Staining of the teeth

● Allergic reactions

● Muscle weakness

If you are a smoker you should avoid taking the original Areds but you should take Areds 2 without beta carotene (vitamin a). And again it is better to take the dose by control of your doctor. Your medical doctor can guide for benefits and risks of using the dose of these supplements for your AMD.

What Are the Ingredients of Areds 2?

Areds 2 is formulated slightly different from the Areds and here below the ingredients of Areds 2.

● 500 mg Vitamin C

● 400 International Unit (IU) Vitamin E

● 2 mg Copper

● 80 mg Zinc

● 10 mg Lutein

● 2 mg Zeaxanthin

● No beta carotene (vitamin A)

According to the research the new formula of Areds 2 is %18 more effective than the old version Areds. It is also highly recommended to take extra folate your eye health or increase the folate intake with peanuts, spinach, oranges, grains.


What is the difference between Areds and Areds 2?
One of the most frequently asked questions is the difference between Areds and Areds 2. Actually the original formula is quite powerful and helpful for AMD to lower the blurry vision. However Areds 2 is the newer version and without the beta carotene formula it is also suitable for smokers. In the Ared formula there was no Lutein or Zeaxanthin but beta carotene. In the newer version of Ared 2, the lutein and Zeaxanthin are included.
How should I take preservision Areds 2?
Before taking the supplement you should consult your doctor for daily use or if you need to take other multivitamins if necessary. Basically, the preservision Areds 2 can be taken twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Taking with food is advised as the absorption of vitamin E, lutein to the body will be more effective.
Who should not take AREDS 2?
Even the Areds 2 is the newer formula for age-related macular degeneration it is always recommended to take by a doctor, especially if you have an allergic reaction to vitamins or stomach, digestive problems.