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OphtAI and Topcon Join Forces to Provide AI-Driven Eye Care Solutions

OphtAI and Topcon Join Forces to Provide AI-Driven Eye Care Solutions

March 03, 2023

Topcon Healthcare Solutions and OphtAI, a joint venture specialized in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ophthalmology, have announced a partnership to integrate OphtAI into Topcon's Harmony Referral System, and provide eye care professionals with smarter access to AI services.

OphtAI's state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithm can detect eye pathologies such as diabetic retinopathy (including its gradation), macular edema, glaucoma, and AMD within a few seconds, using just one color fundus image. Eye care professionals can benefit from this technology for early detection of these conditions.

Thanks to the partnership, eye care professionals can now access OphtAI from Harmony, regardless of which colour fundus device they might be using.  Topcon Harmony is a vendor-neutral data management platform, meaning it can be connected to any device, regardless of manufacturer.

With Harmony, eye care professionals can select the most suitable devices for their business and simplify their clinical workflow by reviewing all data on a single screen. Harmony facilitates vendor-neutral connectivity to devices and Patient Management Systems (PMS), as well as other 3rd party software solutions, offering tailored workflows to address the unique requirements of their clinic or organization.

The partnership between Topcon and OphtAI enhances Topcon's AI service portfolio on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketplace platform. The AI Marketplace allows Harmony customers to select their preferred AI partner and utilize their chosen automatic image analysis tool directly from the Harmony viewer with just one click.

”At Topcon Healthcare, we provide eye care professionals globally with access to innovative solutions for enhanced patient care and effective workflows. This partnership with OphtAI provides our customers with another solution that can help improve efficiency and drive better patient outcomes by making the latest technology an accessible and easy to use part of their everyday workflow.” states Riina Rautee, Director, Sales & Business Development, EMEA for Topcon Healthcare.

”To fully unleash the potential of Artificial Intelligence within the eye care industry, it has to be smartly integrated into the tools that eye care professionals use daily in their clinical workflow. From that perspective, the integration of OphtAI into Harmony is a success. It enables us to bring AI as close as possible to the patients that need it and deliver a higher value proposition to the Optometrists and Ophthalmologists by utilising Topcon’s solutions.” says Alexandre Le Guilcher, OphtAI CEO.