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Stuart Therapeutics Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Glaukos

Stuart Therapeutics Signs Exclusive License Agreement with Glaukos

October 20, 2023

Stuart Therapeutics announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with Glaukos Corporation. In this agreement, Glaukos gains exclusive global rights to develop and market Stuart's proprietary drug candidate, ST-113, which focuses on neuroprotection in the context of glaucoma.

ST-113, a patented pre-clinical asset, has shown promise in providing neuroprotection and aiding in the repair of optic nerve axons during animal testing. It is emerging as a strong contender for a therapeutic approach to glaucoma that is not dependent on regulating intraocular pressure, potentially offering a solution for normal tension glaucoma.

As part of the agreement, Stuart will receive an initial payment and may also qualify for further payments linked to development progress and sales, in addition to royalties. Glaukos will take on all the expenses associated with the development of ST-113.

"We are thrilled to have joined forces with Glaukos to develop the first neuroprotective therapeutic targeting the extracellular matrix, which based on our research plays an important role in glaucoma.  We wanted to partner with a leader in glaucoma therapeutics to bring this innovative drug candidate to the millions of glaucoma patients across the world, and Glaukos has delivered in this important disease area.  They bring critical focus on novel therapies, capabilities in drug product design and delivery, and commercial strength worldwide.  Stuart Therapeutics is proud to work with Glaukos on this important program," said Eric Schlumpf, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stuart.

About ST-113

ST-113 is currently under examination as a potential treatment for open-angle glaucoma, including normal tension glaucoma. This compound is a synthesized collagen mimetic peptide with a particular focus on the restoration of impaired helical collagen in the extracellular matrix.

According to the preclinical research conducted by Stuart, ST-113 is anticipated to rejuvenate the structural and cell signaling functions of collagen within the optic nerve area. This, in turn, is expected to alleviate inflammation and promote the recovery of nerve health. Stuart has been actively dedicated to the development of ST-113 for glaucoma, including the establishment of innovative endpoints suitable for a neuroprotective approach to the disease.