SDC Transfers Ophthalmic Biometric Division to Ora Inc.

SDC Transfers Ophthalmic Biometric Division to Ora Inc.

March 08, 2024

Statistics & Data Corporation (SDC) has made a pivotal decision to hand over its ophthalmic biometric division to Ora Inc., its long-term partner and co-owner since 2005. This move is part of a strategic realignment to focus more on expanding SDC's offerings in various therapeutic areas and technology advancements, while continuing to provide top-tier clinical trial services in ophthalmology through its partnership with Ora.

Dr. Richard Abelson, CEO of SDC, emphasized the significance of this transition, stating, "The transition of our ophthalmic biometric division signifies our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in clinical research services and technology solutions. This strategic shift allows SDC to better leverage our core strengths and deliver greater value to our clients and clinical partnerships." His statement highlights the company's commitment to enhancing its research services and technological solutions through this strategic maneuver.

Further elaborating on the benefits of this decision, Faith Kolb, COO of SDC, said, "This strategic move enables us to focus our resources and invest more effectively in technology development and optimization that will drive the next generation of clinical research solutions." This reflects the company's aim to concentrate its efforts on pioneering technology development and optimization to spearhead the future of clinical research solutions.

SDC is known for its tech-enabled service offering, which includes an AI/ML-enabled clinical ecosystem designed to unify disparate technologies into a single data repository (SDC DataHub) and a unified point-of-access reporting platform (SDC Insights), paired with a mobile electronic Patient Reported Outcomes/electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments solution (SDC Capture). This innovative solution grants clients the flexibility to select the most suitable technologies for their clinical trials without being constrained to a singular eClinical platform.

The company assures that the transition of the ophthalmic biometric division to Ora Inc. will not affect ongoing projects or client relationships, ensuring a seamless continuation of services and partnerships.