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Amring Pharmaceuticals Rebrands as Nordic Pharma

Amring Pharmaceuticals Rebrands as Nordic Pharma

March 05, 2024

In a significant corporate rebranding, Amring Pharmaceuticals has officially adopted the name Nordic Pharma. This renaming marks a new chapter following the acquisition by Nordic Group, a subsidiary of Sever Life Sciences, on June 1, 2023. The strategic move aims to streamline the alignment with its parent company based in the Netherlands and its global subsidiaries, enhancing its presence in several key healthcare sectors.

According to a recent news release from Nordic Pharma, this change is more than a mere update of the company's title; it is a step towards achieving a unified global strategy with its parent company and other subsidiaries. "The change in the corporate name provides for better alignment strategically with the parent company headquartered in the Netherlands and its subsidiaries worldwide," the release highlighted.

The combined efforts of these entities are set to bolster Nordic Pharma's global influence in specialized areas such as eye care, rheumatology, women's health, and critical care. Moreover, the company is focused on fortifying its generic product offerings within the United States.

An integral part of Nordic Pharma's expansion strategy was the acquisition of Visant Medical in December, known for its FDA-cleared Lacrifill canalicular occlusive device. This product represents a significant advancement in eye care, designed to temporarily obstruct tear drainage through canalicular system occlusion. Nordic Pharma is gearing up for the U.S. launch of Lacrifill in the second quarter of 2024, with plans for a worldwide release subsequently.

Charlotte Phelps, CEO of Nordic Pharma, emphasized the merger and acquisition's strategic importance, stating, "The strategic acquisition and merger of the US business unit is a cornerstone of Nordic Pharma's global expansion. With a range of ophthalmology products currently in phase 2 development, combining this with our existing assets and leveraging the expertise of our US leadership in ophthalmics is imperative for driving the success of these programs.”

Echoing the sentiment of forward-looking growth and innovation, Philip Gioia, President of Nordic Pharma U.S., expressed his enthusiasm for leading the company during this pivotal phase. “I'm excited to be leading Nordic Pharma U.S. at this dynamic stage of the company as we continue focusing on providing quality generics to our customers and their patients in the U.S. while building out an innovative proprietary ophthalmic business,” said Gioia.