Meridian Medical Launches Ophthalmic Laser Line in the US

Meridian Medical Launches Ophthalmic Laser Line in the US

February 12, 2024

Meridian Medical, headquartered in Switzerland, announced the launch of its line of ophthalmic lasers in the United States, following a series of FDA approvals.

The FDA approval, received on January 25, includes the MR Q family of lasers, which offer advanced features tailored to meet the needs of ophthalmic professionals. The MR Q line includes:

1. MR Q: A fully integrated ND:YAG laser combined with a precision optics LED slit lamp, featuring a magnification range from 6× up to 40× selectable in 5 fixed steps.

2. MR Q SLT: Integrating an Nd:YAG laser with a selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) photo-regenerator, providing enhanced functionality for specific ophthalmic procedures.

3. MR Q supine: An Nd:YAG laser specifically designed to treat patients in the supine position. It boasts ergonomic 0–210° tiltable Haag-Streit binoculars, enhancing surgeons' comfort and visual quality during procedures.

This milestone FDA approval for the MR Q line follows Meridian Medical's previous success with the Merilas line of lasers, which received FDA approval in September 2023. The Merilas line includes the Merilas 532 alpha green laser photocoagulator, Merilas 532 shortpulse single spot laser, Merilas 577 shortpulse yellow laser photocoagulator, and Merilas 810 shortpulse diode laser therapy for glaucoma and retina treatment.

Marco Obbens, Chief Operating Officer of Meridian Medical, said, "In the 87 years of Meridian Medical AG, we've achieved many milestones. Entering the US market will be considered among them. With the addition of the MR Q family of products joining the Merilas line, we offer a complete portfolio to fill the unmet ophthalmic laser needs and growing demand for reliable, high-performance, precision laser instruments that we clearly see exists. We are excited as we look forward into 2024 and beyond, and we'd like to thank the FDA for granting us this opportunity."