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Haag-Streit Launches ROP Training Simulator for Eye Examinations in Preterm Infants

Haag-Streit Launches ROP Training Simulator for Eye Examinations in Preterm Infants

April 03, 2024

In a significant development aimed at enhancing the training of ophthalmologists, Haag-Streit has unveiled the Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope ROP Simulator. This novel simulator is specifically designed for the training of retinal examinations on preterm infants and the classification of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a condition that is a leading cause of preventable childhood blindness worldwide.

High-Fidelity Training System

The Eyesi Indirect ROP Simulator integrates a high-fidelity training system that allows medical residents to practice device handling and make critical decisions in a lifelike yet safe environment. This mixed-reality simulator provides an immersive training experience, replicating every relevant aspect of real examination scenarios. It comprises a head-mounted stereo display that acts as an ophthalmoscope, a patient model head with pliable eyes, and mimics of lenses and a scleral depressor, offering a close-to-life training environment.

Haag-Streit's simulator enables users to experience a 3D simulation of the patient's eye, where precise alignment of the ophthalmoscope mimic, handheld lens, and patient’s eye is crucial for visualizing the retina. The simulator allows for real-time simulation of the effects of eye manipulation, adding depth to the training experience.

Standardized Training Curriculum

The training curriculum provided by the Eyesi Indirect ROP is standardized, featuring virtual patients at different stages of ROP, including aggressive forms of the disease and retinal detachment. This ensures comprehensive training across a consistent range of pathologies. The curriculum is designed to impart diagnostic skills necessary for correct ROP classification, based on the “International Classification of Acute Stages of Retinopathy of Prematurity,” and includes guidelines for screening intervals and treatment specific to various countries.

Additionally, the simulator offers an objective assessment of the trainees’ examination and classification skills, evaluating parameters such as light exposure, completeness of the retinal area examined, and the correctness of findings. This computer-based evaluation, combined with the standardized curriculum, guarantees that each trainee achieves a uniform standard of performance.

ROP Training Stimulator

Manuela Sutter-Meler, Director of Sales at Haag-Streit Simulation, emphasized the importance of this launch, stating, “Approximately 14,000 preterm infants in the US develop retinopathy of prematurity, making it a leading cause of preventable childhood blindness worldwide. The Eyesi Indirect ROP bridges the gap between theory and practice, enabling residents to master this highly skilled exam in a risk-free environment and improve patient safety, even in the most challenging cases.”

The Eyesi Indirect ROP Simulator is now available and is targeted at ophthalmic residencies and neonatology programs, underscoring Haag-Streit’s commitment to enhancing ophthalmic practice through simulation training.