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Pakistan Closes Over 56,000 Schools Due to Conjunctivitis Outbreak

Pakistan Closes Over 56,000 Schools Due to Conjunctivitis Outbreak

September 28, 2023

In a proactive measure to contain a rapidly spreading eye virus, Pakistani authorities have announced the temporary closure of more than 56,000 schools across the nation. The decision comes as health officials grapple with a surge in cases of a highly contagious eye infection, namely conjunctivitis.

Officials confirmed on Wednesday that the schools will remain closed for the rest of the week in an effort to curb the outbreak of this infectious eye virus. The virus has raised concerns due to its rapid transmission, with thousands of students reportedly affected in recent weeks.

Punjab, Pakistan's most populous province, has been particularly hard-hit, recording a staggering 357,000 cases of conjunctivitis since the outbreak began.

The virus is believed to cause a range of ocular symptoms, including redness, discomfort, and impaired vision. Health authorities are working diligently to identify the source and implement measures to prevent further spread.

Parents and guardians have been advised to keep children at home during the school closure to minimize the risk of transmission.

The situation is evolving, and health officials are closely monitoring the outbreak. Efforts to identify the exact strain of the virus and establish effective treatments are underway.

As more information becomes available, authorities will determine whether an extension of the school closures is necessary to protect public health.

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