Okogen Begins Phase 2b Clinical Trial for Acute Infectious Conjunctivitis

Okogen Begins Phase 2b Clinical Trial for Acute Infectious Conjunctivitis

November 01, 2023

Okogen has initiated a phase 2b clinical trial in India to evaluate OKG-0303, a novel fixed-dose combination product designed to address the root causes and associated symptoms of viral and bacterial acute infectious conjunctivitis, commonly known as "pink eye."

Alongside this development, Bradford Conlan has been appointed as the Executive Chairman, and Joshua Moriarty, Okogen's CEO, has been named to the Board of Directors.

OKG-0303 combines various components, including the anti-viral agent OKG-0301, which has demonstrated efficacy in halting viral replication in patients with adenoviral conjunctivitis during the phase 2 RUBY trial. The remaining components, established and safe as standalone ophthalmic products, enable the treatment of bacterial infections and alleviate the discomforting symptoms typically experienced by patients, such as conjunctival redness and discharge [1,2].

“Understanding the true market need is often something that can be overlooked in product development. The Okogen team has worked tirelessly to refocus the company’s effort to develop a single product that can address all forms of acute infectious conjunctivitis, both viral and bacterial, in line with how health care providers currently treat the disease,” Mr. Conlan said in a company news release. “Being able to recognize the need to shift the focus of the company without abandoning the initial thesis is a testament to the creativity and passion this team brings. I am excited to join them on this journey towards bettering patient care.”

“We are excited to have Brad’s guidance as we embark on this next stage of the company to bring this unique treatment to health care providers and their patients suffering from pink eye,” said Mr. Moriarty. “Up to 80% of conjunctivitis cases presenting to health care providers are infectious and the differential diagnosis is less than 50% accurate. OKG-0303 will bridge that gap in preventing the rapid spread of either etiology.”


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