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FDA Clears Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Elita Femtosecond Laser

FDA Clears Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Elita Femtosecond Laser

April 28, 2023

Johnson & Johnson Vision has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Elita Femtosecond Laser, which is used for creating LASIK flaps. The Elita laser will be introduced at the 2023 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting (ASCRS) in San Diego from May 5-8.

The Elita laser offers several features including confidence, speed, and accuracy, due to its low energy per pulse, ultra-fast laser repetition rate, and small spot size (1µm). It also provides a smooth stromal bed, which makes it effortless to lift the flap. Additionally, the Elita laser has sub-micron precision, which makes it an industry-leading device.

The Elita laser is designed to provide exceptional ease and efficiency for practices, with an intuitive user interface, modular design, and a quick system startup time of less than 5 minutes. Moreover, it has features that can reduce complications, improve visual outcomes, and enable fast visual recovery, which leads to better outcomes for patients.

“For the last two decades, Johnson & Johnson Vision has been a leader in the industry in precision, personalization and proven exceptional outcomes in laser correction,” said Xiao-Yu Song, Global Head of R&D, Johnson & Johnson Vision. “Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re building on that legacy with our Elita Femtosecond Laser, which offers a generational leap in corneal refractive technology, with benefits for surgeons, practices and patients alike.”

The Elita Femtosecond Laser will be available to ophthalmologists across the United States later this year.