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Eversight and Emmecell Partner to Pioneer Advances in Ocular Cell Therapy

Eversight and Emmecell Partner to Pioneer Advances in Ocular Cell Therapy

February 21, 2024

Eversight, a leading non-profit dedicated to the restoration of sight through the recovery, processing, and distribution of corneal tissue, announced a strategic partnership with Emmecell Biotech, a biotechnology company focused on developing novel cell therapies for ocular diseases. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the field of regenerative medicine, specifically targeting advancements in ocular cell therapy.

Revolutionizing Eye Care with Innovative Cell Therapy

The partnership between Eversight and Emmecell Biotech combines Eversight's extensive expertise in eye care with Emmecell's innovative Magnetic Cell Delivery platform. This collaboration aims to develop and refine cell therapy techniques that could dramatically enhance treatment options for a variety of ocular conditions.

“One donor cornea can restore vision to one recipient eye through transplantation—a miraculous gift. If in the future we can provide healthy endothelial cells from a donor cornea for cell therapy, that donor has the potential to restore vision in many more patients, maximizing their gift far beyond a single cornea transplant. As stewards of the gift of sight, Eversight is proud to partner with Emmecell to advance this promising therapy,” said Diane Hollingsworth, President and CEO, Eversight.

Magnetic Cell Delivery: A Game-Changer for Ocular Therapies

Emmecell Biotech's proprietary Magnetic Cell Delivery technology represents a significant innovation in the field of cell therapy. By utilizing magnetic nanoparticles, this method ensures precise delivery and retention of therapeutic cells to the target tissue in the eye. This technique not only improves the efficacy of treatments but also opens the door to less invasive and more accessible treatment options for patients suffering from corneal edema and other severe ocular diseases.

“Emmecell’s mission is to bring innovative regenerative medicine out of the laboratory and into patient care. We are confident that Eversight’s eye banking expertise, global impact, commitment to research and surgeon education, and history of innovation and leadership in their field will help further harness the power of the Emmecell platform to cure blindness for more people worldwide,” said Jeffrey L. Goldberg, MD, PhD, Emmecell co-founder and chair of the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford.

Looking Forward

With site initiation activities for the Phase 1 clinical trial of EO2002 already underway, Eversight and Emmecell Biotech are poised to lead the charge in non-surgical treatments for ocular diseases. The success of this partnership could significantly reduce the need for corneal transplants, offering a safer and more effective alternative for patients worldwide.

The collaboration between Eversight and Emmecell Biotech underscores a shared commitment to innovation in eye care. By harnessing the power of cell therapy, they aim to open new horizons in the treatment of ocular diseases, making a profound difference in the lives of patients around the globe.