Europe Grapples with Shortage in OVD Supply, Major Producers Affected

Europe Grapples with Shortage in OVD Supply, Major Producers Affected

June 29, 2022

Supply tightness in Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Devices, also known as OVDs, has gripped the European market, according to industry sources. Ophthalmology Breaking News reached sources familiar with the matter, and examined the reasons behind this crippling tightness.

Our sources mainly attributed this supply shortage to a major mishap at Bohus BioTech, a leading OVDs supplier for global companies including Zeiss Meditec, Ophtec, HumanOptics, and Teleon. Accordingly, a recent batch of OVDs produced by Bohus Biotech had been reportedly contaminated and the manufacturer had to recall its products from all over Europe.

In addition, industry sources have also claimed that Alcon and Johnson & Johnson, the two major OVDs producers in Europe, have been reportedly facing difficulties in the supply of raw materials due to undisclosed reasons, which ultimately led to production hiccups for OVDs.

Industry players are now questioning whether the supply shortage will find relief soon or not. Some sources believe that the supply issues on the side of both Bohus Biotech as well as Alcon and Johnson & Johnson might not resolve in a short time. Nevertheless, it is crucial for the operations to get back to normal because OVDs are mostly used in cataract surgery, which is the most common surgical procedure performed in the world.

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As OBN, we will keep investigating this issue and keep you posted as soon as we have further update. The aforementioned companies are kindly welcome to reach our editorial team to share their comments, or further information regarding the matter.