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Edenlux Launches Campaign for Otus Personal EYE-Trainer to Prevent Eye Health Issues

Edenlux Launches Campaign for Otus Personal EYE-Trainer to Prevent Eye Health Issues

November 29, 2021

The Otus personal eye-trainer, developed by Edenlux, has launched a campaign through Indiegogo. The device uses training called Vision Therapy to relieve the stress of the eyes.

Vision Therapy is an exercise that repeats the contraction and relaxation of the eyes' inner muscle. It is used by professionals that rely on their eyes more heavily, such as pilots, soldiers, athletes, and others.

Through Vision Therapy, eyes can regain their energy and provide the user with refreshed condition. However, it is a difficult and expensive exercise.

According to Edenlux, an ordinary person will have a tough time using Vision Therapy because of the complicated manual training method and the fact that each individual's training must be personalized.

Otus is a device that makes Vision Therapy accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Otus automates and personalizes the manual process of Vision Therapy instruction for each individual. Everything is done by the gadget, including assessing, planning, and training.

Simply by wearing the device, it measures the condition of the eyes, analyzes the data, and then trains the eyes. One can assess and train their eyes to be in better shape using just the equipment and the software. The eight unique optical lenses incorporated in Otus rotate 60 times in five minutes to simulate contraction and relaxation of the eyes.

According to Edenlux, the user may just put the gadget on and continue their regular chores, and the eye muscle will automatically train to grow and enhance the eyes' strength and health.

The Bluetooth-connected app provides extensive reports on the state of one's eyes and the results of the training. It also includes games to make training more fun.

"In modern society, our eyes are constantly under pressure and stress because of the way our lifestyle has changed over the centuries. It rapidly fatigues our eyes and applies stress on our eyes. Also, it is now coming to the surface that eye health problems are occurring more frequently among the population because of the media and electronics that are damaging our eyes. Otus is the perfect solution to resolve this problem," according to an Edenlux news release.

Otus was created in response to the growing concern in modern culture about eye health issues. It has already been released in Japan's startup media, Makuake, and the results have been very successful.

EDENLUX, the company that created Otus, has decided to launch the gadget on Indiegogo as well, in order to share the findings and further showcase this revolutionary technology.

Otus by Edenlux is not a medical device or designed to treat any medical condition.

Eye Tech Training

Training eyes with technology has emerged as a dynamic and effective approach to improving visual skills and addressing various eye-related challenges. Innovative digital platforms offer a range of interactive exercises that engage the eyes in targeted ways, enhancing their strength, flexibility, and coordination. These digital tools often leverage gamification, making the training process engaging and enjoyable. From apps that facilitate eye tracking and focusing exercises to virtual reality programs that simulate real-world scenarios, technology provides customizable and data-driven solutions.

Moreover, these advancements allow for remote monitoring and progress tracking, enabling personalized training plans based on individual needs. As technology continues to evolve, the integration of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality in eye training holds the potential to revolutionize how we enhance visual capabilities, making it an exciting frontier in vision care and optimization.

How to Train a Lazy Eye

Training a lazy eye, medically known as amblyopia, involves a combination of targeted therapies and exercises to improve the weakened visual connections between the brain and the affected eye. A common approach is to cover the stronger eye with an eye patch, thereby stimulating the weaker eye to work harder and develop better visual acuity.

Vision therapy exercises, both in-office and at home, aim to improve eye coordination, focusing, and tracking skills. These exercises might include activities like focusing on small objects, following moving targets, and engaging in visual puzzles. Additionally, computer-based programs and interactive apps can enhance engagement, providing a diverse range of exercises that challenge the lazy eye.

Eye Training Therapy

Eye training therapy, also known as vision therapy, is a specialized program designed to improve various visual skills and conditions through structured exercises and activities. It encompasses a wide range of techniques tailored to address specific visual challenges such as strabismus (eye misalignment), convergence insufficiency, and difficulties with eye tracking or focusing. Vision therapists, often optometrists or orthoptists, work closely with individuals to create personalized treatment plans.

These plans may involve exercises that challenge the eyes to work together, enhance depth perception, and improve overall visual comfort. Utilizing both traditional methods and modern technologies like virtual reality and computer-based programs, eye training therapy aims to retrain the brain-eye connection, resulting in improved visual function and a higher quality of life for individuals of all ages.

Can You Train Your Eyes To See Better?

You can train your eyes to see better through various techniques and practices. Eye exercises, focusing activities, and relaxation techniques can all contribute to improving visual acuity, depth perception, and overall eye coordination. Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and regular exercise benefits your eyesight. Limiting prolonged screen time and giving your eyes regular breaks can help reduce digital eye strain.

If you have specific vision issues, consulting with an eye care professional can guide you toward personalized exercises and habits that promote better vision. While training your eyes won't necessarily change their basic structure, it can enhance their functionality and help you make the most of your natural vision abilities.