December 3 Marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 02, 2022

The United Nations has marked December 3rd since 1992, to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring equality for individuals with disabilities in all areas of society as well as recognizing the achievements of people with disabilities all around the world.

In ophthalmology, vision loss (legally blind), partial sight, cataracts, Sjögren’s syndrome, glaucoma, hemianopia, macular degeneration and ocular melanoma are recognized as disabilities.

This year’s theme is “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world.”

The UN’s Disability Inclusion Strategy lays the groundwork for sustainable and transformative progress on disability inclusion across all pillars of the work of the United Nations: peace and security, human rights, and development.

Through the Strategy, the UN system reaffirms that all human rights and fundamental freedoms are inextricably linked to the full and complete realization of the human rights of all people with disabilities.

The UN has scheduled a virtual meeting, which will take place via Zoom on Monday 5 December 2022 between 9am – 12pm (EDT) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The event will kick off with an introductory plenary session followed by interactive dialogues which will focus on 3 key thematic areas in relation to innovation and transformative solutions for inclusive development, in which a variety of stakeholders will contribute with their expertise and insights.

The three key topics include:

• Innovation for disability inclusive development in employment: This topic will shed light on the connections between employment, the knowledge and abilities needed to access employment in a rapidly changing technological environment.

• Innovation for disability inclusive development in reducing inequality: This dialogue will focus on innovations, practical tools and good practices to reduce inequalities in both public and private sectors. 

• Innovation for disability inclusive development: Sport as an exemplar case: a sector where all of these aspects coalesce; sport as a good practice example and a site of innovation, employment and equity. 

Each interactive dialogue will be 40 minutes long.