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AkkoLens Names Peter Taal as Chief Executive Officer

AkkoLens Names Peter Taal as Chief Executive Officer

January 03, 2024

In a strategic move, AkkoLens has appointed Peter Taal as its new Chief Executive Officer. The founder, Michiel Rombach, will continue to serve as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), while Willem van Lawick will retain his position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Peter Taal, a distinguished mechanical engineering graduate from Delft University in the Netherlands, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience to AkkoLens. With a successful track record spanning since 1995, he has led various companies, navigating acquisitions, transformations, and ensuring successful exits.

AkkoLens is renowned for designing, manufacturing, and distributing the groundbreaking Lumina lens—the world's first CE-approved Intraocular Lens providing true accommodation (A-IOL). The Lumina lens is currently being introduced in collaboration with select eye clinics across four European countries. Moreover, AkkoLens has initiated the FDA approval process for Lumina in the USA.

Commercial sales of the Lumina lens commenced in 2023, and the company is gearing up to meet the escalating demand in 2024. With a focus on patient needs, eye clinics, and distributors keen to be part of AkkoLens' success story, the expansion of sales promises to be a pivotal chapter in the company's journey.

Peter Taal stated: "At AkkoLens, we look forward to a future in which people with cataract or presbyopia can benefit from Lumina lenses, restoring their vision at all distances without the use of spectacles. I look forward to contributing to this development”.