VSY Biotechnology Moves Its HQ To Germany

VSY Biotechnology Moves Its HQ To Germany

July 02, 2020

VSY Biotechnology announced that it is moving its headquarters from the Netherlands to Germany. VSY Biotechnology GmbH will be the company’s new headquarters.

VSY Biotechnology commenced operations in the late 90s. Since then, the company has achieved several milestones on the way to becoming a global player in the innovation-driven medical device sector.

VSY Biotechnology’s General Manager, Dr. Fatih Ergin emphasizes the company’s passion for innovation and continuously improving standards in all areas; these traits have enabled VSY Biotechnology to garner several innovation awards, international patents, and millions of happy patients together with thousands of satisfied healthcare practitioners.

Dr. Ergin also highlights the company’s performance during the COVID19 crisis, pointing out that VSY Biotechnology has not compromised its R&D activities and operational improvement efforts during these challenging times.

“Now is time for us to harvest the outputs of our hard work and dedication as we launch our new pipeline of products and establish our new operational center in Germany,” states Dr. Ergin.

Source: VSY Biotechnology