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 Azalea Vision Announces First On-Eye Test of its Novel Smart Contact Lens - ALMA

Azalea Vision Announces First On-Eye Test of its Novel Smart Contact Lens - ALMA

December 08, 2023

Azalea Vision announced the successful demonstration of the ALMA Lens, marking the debut of the first functional prototype for the Azalea smart contact lens platform.

The ALMA proprietary device is designed to provide a non-surgical solution for individuals dealing with conditions such as keratoconus, corneal irregularities, photophobia, and presbyopia.

“This test marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of non-invasive treatment options for challenging ophthalmological conditions,” commented Andrés Vásquez Quintero, co-founder and CTO of Azalea vision, who wore the device.

Azalea's ALMA Lens incorporates an embedded diaphragm, with a modulatable aperture for regulating the entry of light into the eye. This innovative design represents a groundbreaking solution that integrates liquid-crystal technology, a microchip, an RF antenna, a medical-grade micro-battery, and configurable light control. The user-friendly and programmable nature of this smart lens empowers both patients and physicians to implement personalized therapy, significantly improving visual acuity without the need for intraocular surgery.

The initial focus of Azalea's application is on aiding individuals with irregular astigmatism resulting from conditions like keratoconus (characterized by the thinning and bulging of the cornea into a conical shape) and other corneal irregularities. By selectively filtering peripheral light, the smart lens ensures that only focused light reaches the retina.

This first application holds the potential to provide treatment for nearly half a million patients in the EU and USA alone, representing a total addressable market exceeding 2 billion euros per year. This market is renewable, as current glasses and contact lenses available do not fully address the severe visual distortions targeted by Azalea Vision's ALMA Lens.

Pr. Dr. Rudy Nuijts, Professor of Medicine and Ophthalmology at University Eye Clinic Maastricht: “In our hospital we treat a lot of patients with severe irregular astigmatism. Patients with corneal irregularities could profit from a non-surgical solution that is designed to filter the aberrated light to recuperate their visual acuity and visual quality.”

Azalea Vision's ALMA Lens can also be used in individuals dealing with presbyopia. Leveraging the small aperture optics principle, the lens has the capability to increase patients' depth of focus and correct refractive errors. Additionally, this innovative technology offers support to individuals with iris disorders and those experiencing heightened light sensitivity due to chronic migraine or dry eye syndrome, as it is engineered to decrease the amount of light reaching their eyes.

“The ALMA Lens prototype’s success showcases our cutting-edge technology and reflects our team’s innovative spirit. Azalea stands at the forefront, ready to secure a dominant role in the field of smart contact lens. We’re not just developing a new product category in the medical device sector; we’re pioneering a platform with diverse and groundbreaking applications. The future is clear, and Azalea Vision is leading the way“, stated Enrique Vega, CEO of Azalea Vision.

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