Unbearable Convenience Of Digitalisation In Ophthalmology

Unbearable Convenience Of Digitalisation In Ophthalmology

May 04, 2020

The winners of the COVID 19 crisis, with no doubt, is the online webinar platforms as well as the companies that are agile enough to take a strong presence in this giant digital world.

A good example on how this giant digital world is expanding would be tremendous increase in numbers of daily users of one of the most frequently used online meeting platform Zoom. Zoom recently announced that number of its daily users raised to 300 million in April’20, which was just 10 million in December’19.

Ophthalmology World, without any hesitance, has once again pioneered digital transformation of knowledge sharing with its huge interest in digital meetings. While online webinars have become life saver for global ophthalmology companies, several highly reputable global companies chose these platforms to keep knowledge sharing and discussions ongoing.

One of the prominent innovation driven Global Ophthalmology Companies, VSY Biotechnology, has recently launched its global webinar series focusing on the user experiences of its unique patented Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT) and Acriva Trinova IOLs. Thousands of ophthalmologists from all around the World have had the chance to follow prominent speakers.

First stop of the series was Japan with Dr. Minoru Tomita along with moderation of Dr. Roberto Belluci from miles away Italy.

Talking about innovation on such a convenient and innovative platform; Dr. Tomita stressed that the uniqueness of Acriva Trinova trifocal IOLs and the Sinusoidal Vision Technology not only comes from the seamless vision provided at all distances, but most importantly it comes from its unique design which provides seamless vision without any concern on glare and halo just like a monofocal lens. VSY Biotechnology, will continue utilizing these platforms for knowledge sharing, to keep innovation and discussions on going.