Samsara and Lansheng Medical Collaborate to Commercialize the SING IMT in China

Samsara and Lansheng Medical Collaborate to Commercialize the SING IMT in China

June 13, 2022

Samsara Vision has formed a collaboration with Lansheng Medical “MyVision,” a China-based company focused on ophthalmology, to develop a clinical and commercial organization to support Samsara Vision’s SING IMT (Smaller-Incision New-Generation Implantable Miniature Telescope) in mainland China, Macau, the Hainan Province, and Hong Kong.

MyVision will execute the clinical program necessary for regulatory approval, commercialize the SING IMT, coordinate reimbursement, and drive sales, marketing, and customer relationships.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed at the time of publication.

“As a company, we recognize that our success lies in tailoring our strategies to meet the needs of local health care professionals and their patients, which is why we believe that our collaboration with MyVision is so momentous,” Tom Ruggia, Chief Executive Officer of Samsara Vision, said in a company news release.”

“Our goal is to leave no one behind in being able to access our novel technology to treat a disease that slowly robs people of vision, which is so important to their lives. We look forward to working closely with MyVision in China,” he further stated.

MyVision will be responsible for securing market approvals for the SING IMT in mainland China, Macau, and the Hainan Province. In Hong Kong, the device already has a CE mark. MyVision will also contribute to Samsara Vision’s global strategic team, providing context on the patient and physician voice in Asia.

“With this collaboration with Samsara Vision, MyVision will leverage its successful experiences and deep understanding of the Chinese market for the potential commercialization of SING IMT in mainland China, Macau, the Hanain Province, and Hong Kong,” said Jack Zhang, CEO of MyVision. “With AMD being one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, it is urgent to provide a medical solution to patients in desperate need. The introduction of SING IMT brings new hope to Chinese late-stage AMD patients.”