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Rayner Introduces its First Blue Light Filtering Intraocular Lens

Rayner Introduces its First Blue Light Filtering Intraocular Lens

January 06, 2022

Rayner announced the launch of the RayOne Hydrophobic BLF, Rayner’s first blue light filtering intraocular lens.

RayOne Hydrophobic BLF, made of Rayner's patented ultra glistening-free hydrophobic material, expands Rayner's RayOne lens from seven to eight variants.

The lens provides surgeons the option to offer patients a blue light filtering intraocular lens (IOL) that may help shield the retina from potentially damaging blue light, and reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in pseudophakic eyes.

“Over a third of all lenses implanted have blue light filtering properties so we are thrilled to supplement our RayOne Hydrophobic solution with the new BLF variant, and offer surgeons the choice between clear and yellow IOL options," Rayner CEO, Tim Clover, said in a company news release.

RayOne Hydrophobic BLF, which comes with Rayner's fully preloaded injector system, the same aspheric aberration-neutral optic design and patented Cornerstone tabs as the clear variant, which combine with anti-vaulting haptic technology to create stability once inside the capsular bag.

Unlike some blue light filtering IOLs, RayOne Hydrophobic BLF, does not block all blue light; according to Rayner, a little amount is still passed through the lens to support the natural circadian rhythm for a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

RayOne Hydrophobic BLF is now commercially available from 0.0 D to +32.0 D in CE certificate-accepting countries.

Dr. Till C. Werner, ophthalmic surgeon at Dr. Werner & Kollegen in Germany, implanted the world’s first RayOne Hydrophobic BLF on November 2, 2021 as part of the pre-launch evaluation.