Optimism Health Group Expands its Footprint with VisionCall acquisition

Optimism Health Group Expands its Footprint with VisionCall acquisition

September 15, 2021

Optimism Health Group, a healthcare investment business, has recently completed the acquisition of VisionCall, the UK's leading provider of eye care services in care homes. The acquisition came in line with Optimism’s plans to expand its footprint in the fast-growing market for healthcare products and clinical services to older people.

As a part of the deal, VisionCall will continue to operate under its own name to deliver eye care to elderly patients, specifically for those between the ages of 75 to 90 living in care homes. Founded in 2001, VisionCall provides eye care services to around 100,000 residents in more than 5,000 care homes in the UK.

Optimism Health Group, meanwhile, has signaled that more acquisitions are on the horizon in line with their long-term expansion plans. “Optimism will make further acquisitions of complementary businesses in the eye care and hearing sector as well as other businesses that provide technology solutions and healthcare services to the older demographic,” said the company in a press release.

Back in November 2020, Optimism completed the acquisition of Outside Clinic, UK-based leader in the provision of domiciliary eye and ear care, in the light of its growth strategy. In fact, Outside Clinic has recently launched the biggest ever recruitment plan to employ 50 optometrists over the next 10 months due to a 50% increase in demand for its optometry services since the start of the year.

Henry Pitman, chairman of Optimism, commented: “Visioncall's eye care service in care homes is complementary to OutsideClinic's eye care in people's own homes - the acquisition of consolidates Optimism's position as the UK's leading domiciliary eye and hearing care provider.”


Source: Optimism Health Group