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Turkey, The 6th Biggest Pharmaceutical Market In Europe Lets SIFI IN

Turkey, The 6th Biggest Pharmaceutical Market In Europe Lets SIFI IN

March 24, 2021

The Granting of Marketing Authorizations in Turkey – The Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TMMDA) has approved the transfer of marketing authorizations for “SIFI”, a leading ophthalmic company, headquartered in Italy, focusing on eye care since 1935.

Leading ophthalmic products, including NETILDEX®NETIRA® and EYESTIL® will soon be marketed directly by SIFI Ilaç. In light of the approved marketing authorizations from its former local distributor to its wholly owned subsidiary SIFI İlaç A.S., the company expects to start distributing the leading ophthalmic products, including NETILDEX®, NETIRA® and EYESTIL® directly in Turkey.

NETIRA® (netilmicin); NETILDEX® (fixed combination of netilmicin and dexamethasone), PRENACID® (desonide) for Ocular infections and EYESTIL® (sodium hyaluronate) for dry-eye treatment are among the ones of approved formulations of ophthalmic drugs. These pharmaceuticals are part of a comprehensive and established ophthalmic portfolio, including medical device XANTERNET® and nutraceutical ADRUSEN®, which SIFI Ilaç expects to start distributing directly next month in Turkey, the 6th biggest pharmaceutical market in Europe.

A full-fledged organization, including a field sales staff, is now being implemented by SIFI Ilaç in order to expand its reach among ophthalmologists and other significant market participants.

“These approvals represent a key milestone in strengthening SIFI’s competitive position in Europe. Thanks to the hard work of our former distributor TEKA Ilaç, our products are well-known and much appreciated in the Turkish ophthalmic community,” commented Gilberto Dalesio, SIFI’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We are delighted to continue providing Turkish patients and physicians with our proven products for the effective treatment of most common ocular disorders,” added Nahide Sarisin, General Manager of SIFI İlaç, “We also look forward to bring further innovations from our R&D pipeline to address unmet needs, as a sign of SIFI’s long-term commitment to Turkey.”

About SIFI

With its headquarters in Italy and a primary focus on eye care since 1935, SIFI is a renowned ophthalmic company. Innovative therapeutic treatments are created, produced, and sold by SIFI for use by patients with ocular diseases.

With a direct presence in Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Mexico, and Turkey, SIFI is totally devoted to using its R&D to improve the quality of life for patients. SIFI exports treatments to more than 20 different countries globally.

Source: SIFI Group