Oertli Instrumente Announces New Features for the OS 4 Surgical Platform

Oertli Instrumente Announces New Features for the OS 4 Surgical Platform

March 10, 2023

Oertli Instrumente announced that the OS 4 surgical platform is now available with four new features for greater comfort in retinal, glaucoma and cataract surgery.

Oertli's OS 4 platform is a powerful, multifaceted system designed for retinal, glaucoma, and cataract surgeries. At its core lies a 3-pump mechanism featuring vacuum and flow regulation, as well as a novel SPEEP pump that enables simultaneous flow and vacuum control.

Additionally, the platform boasts two Power LED light sources that deliver exceptional visualization, even at the periphery, and allows for color customization to facilitate high-resolution contrast viewing.

The new features include:

Occlusion Mode: Phaco power at the right timeThe OS 4 offers three phaco modulations as standard. An additional Occlusion Mode can now be activated for the peristaltic pump system. In Occlusion Mode, phaco power is delivered only when the preset vacuum limit is reached, which means that ultrasound is generated when needed.

Quickly set infusion values: The OS 4 offers two options for infusion systems: active Gas-Forced Infusion and passive gravity infusion. The settings for the infusion values can now be changed faster with the foot pedal using five-unit increments (mmHg or cm).

Temporarily deactivate irrigation: In retinal surgery, irrigation can be deactivated for a defined period (Irrigation Off), such as when the surgeon would like to lower the IOP to examine the peripheral retina.

Personal laser settings accessible at all times: The OS 4 device contains an integrated 532 nm endolaser that can be controlled either using the touchscreen or directly with the dual-linear foot pedal. Each surgeon can now save their personal laser values (Laser Power, Laser Duration and Pulse). Individual values can be programmed for up to 50 surgeons and can be readily accessed at any time.

OS 4 Surgical Platform