Alcon Becomes A Member Of Health Care Alliance For Patient Safety

Alcon Becomes A Member Of Health Care Alliance For Patient Safety

December 03, 2020

The Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety, founded in 2018, advocates for eye health and safety and elevates the doctor-patient relationship – the essential foundation of personal health care decision making.

Members of the Alliance for Patient Safety work together to raise awareness and protect public health. Advancing policy and collaboration between leading eye health advocates, vision innovators and trusted voices is essential to elevate patient care.

The Alliance is made up of patient safety advocates, eye doctors, and contact lens manufacturers.

The Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety (APS) announced Alcon as its recent member.

“APS partners and patient safety advocates are excited to have Alcon join our effort to advance patient safety and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, which is the foundation of personalized health care,” Deanna Alexander, OD, chairwoman of APS, said in a company news release. “As a leader in eye care, Alcon’s voice will be instrumental in our effort to advance policies that surround patient safety.”

Alcon joins APS as an Associate partner alongside CooperVision, and Leadership partners Johnson & Johnson Vision and the American Optometric Association.

“Alcon is pleased to join APS in our common goal to enhance policies that protect patients’ vision safety,” Rick Weisbarth, OD, and Vice President of Professional Affairs for Alcon U.S. Vision Care, said in the news release. “Together with fellow APS members and dedicated health care providers across the country, Alcon is committed to working collaboratively with policymakers to promote the safe, healthy and effective use of medical devices to improve patient health outcomes.”

Alcon’s membership in APS is effective today, December 1, 2020.