Ophtec Celebrates 40 Years Anniversary with New Brand Identity

Ophtec Celebrates 40 Years Anniversary with New Brand Identity

March 10, 2023

Ophtec, producer of intraocular lenses (IOLs) in The Netherlands, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023. As a start of this festive year, the company launches a new brand identity. Modernized and fit for the future.

Ophtec was founded in 1983 by the famous Dutch ophthalmologist Prof. Dr. Jan Worst, also known as the inventor of the world’s very first Iris fixated IOL, the Artisan lens. Decades later the company is still family owned and one of the leading companies in manufacturing premium IOLs.

“When my parents established Ophtec in 1983, is was their ambition to let surgeons and patients benefit from better products than were commonly available at the time.” says CEO Erik Jan Worst. “And 40 years later we are still here. This makes me deeply proud and energized to lead the company to the future”.

Marketing manager Remko Bos explains the reasons behind the rebranding; “Ophtec always had a full focus on making unique products. Our people are highly dedicated to support ophthalmologists to do their best job possible. Our branding was somehow underexposed. This year is a great moment for us to honor our heritage, fresh up our brand and connect to a new generation of eye-doctors.”

Besides the rebranding, 2023 will be special for Ophtec. “We have great products coming up. We just launched ArtiPlus, our new Iris fixated presbyopia correction Phakic IOL in South-Korea. For Europe the clinical study is running and we can already see the results are spectacular” Erik Jan Worst explains. “We’re introducing a new pre-loaded injector system for our Precizon cataract lenses and we expect to launch an exciting new lens concept after the summer break. Ophtec is on the move!”

The re-newed brand is quite a transformation. The new logo and colours catch the eye. “New look, same focus” Bos stated. “But we remain to be Ophtec. An ingenious partner to ophthalmologists worldwide. Together, we help people to see clearly.”