New Partnership From Zeiss & Microsoft

New Partnership From Zeiss & Microsoft

October 08, 2020

AI – Artificial Intelligence is again making the news on a recently announced partnership. The partnership announcement which is focused on a cloud-first healthcare computing came from ZEISS, a German manufacturer of optical systems and optoelectronics, and Microsoft.

In light of making its whole equipment & processes standardized on Microsoft Azure as its cloud platform, ZEISS aims to provide its customers with enhanced digital experiences, address changing market needs more quickly, and increase its productivity.

This partnership is indeed expected to advance the cloud-first digital services transformation and enable microchip manufacturers to build more powerful, energy-efficient microchips, deliver new digital healthcare solutions for improved clinical workflows, enhanced treatments, and device maintenance.

Through standardizing its processes and equipment on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Zeiss plans giving customers advanced digital experiences efficiently in the context of changing market needs, improving productivity & efficiency in manufacturing as well as creating a seamless experience for its customers through one digital platform and manage all digital Zeiss products through one cloud-native platform to enhance continuous and agile product development.

Industrial efficiency Through Connected Quality Platform

Also, Zeiss forecasts full performance on enabling its solutions in the Industrial Quality & Research segment running on Microsoft’s Azure connected quality platform. This platform will function to gain business insights, foster collaboration across domains, assets, and processes. Compared to previously managed in traditionally siloed – proprietary systems, this platform truly will make a change.

In the areas of parts dimensions, component behavior, and defect detection, Zeiss aims to provide metrology and quality assurance solutions delivering meaningful information.

The IoT-enabled production processes in the future will heavily depend on analyzing the On-time | Real-time – detailed broad-scale data that is collected at all stages of the manufacturing process. This is indeed crucial for efficient and effective quality assurance.

Medical manufacturing industries are very sensitive to quality assurance and this is the main objective for ZEISS.

Through the help of Azure AI services identifying failure root causes more quickly, the customers will be able to track, trace, visualize, and analyze the process and product data. This solution will also make customers able to react quickly to quality issues and keep efficient productivity levels.

While High-performance Artificial Intelligence cloud-first digital services and computing making more powerful energy-efficient microchips available, data-driven healthcare solutions will also improve patient care. This platform will enhance customer experience and boost internal productivity.