OdySight® – A Smartphone App From Tilak Healthcare & Novartis

OdySight® – A Smartphone App From Tilak Healthcare & Novartis

September 12, 2020

Reality Now It Is – Not A Science Fiction Anymore! Mobile Apps coming into our daily lives for patient remote vision monitoring – Smartphone Apps focused on to monitor and engage patients with chronic eye diseases associated with aging. Oh, My – What More!

Recently, Tilak Healthcare and Novartis have announced that they partnered to internationally promote Tilak’s mobile app for remote vision monitoring, according to a press release.

Since it is a unified platform to coordinate clinical care and improve clinical communication, Tilak Healthcare’s first clinically validated mobile app for patient remote vision monitoring, OdySight® combines accurate vision tests and fun puzzles to boost patient engagement. Adapted to patient needs, the app serves as an important link in strengthening the patient-clinician relationship.

In light of the latest technologies, providers are more and more adopting the use of mHealth in the form of mobile apps in their pursuit of easing clinical communication between providers and patients as well as improve the management of hospital workflows.

Face ID, eye recognition and eye retina scan abilities are the most important ones enabling Mobile Apps to allow providers to effectively streamline communication between patients, providers, and their caregivers and allows for 24/7 management of a patient’s condition along with the ability to personalize healthcare per patient.

These patient-facing mobile apps allow patients to directly find information on their health conditions and gives them step-by-step guidance to treat conditions in the most effective way possible as well as providing organizational incentives for adoption such as reduced costs in workflow management.

Providers leverage mobile apps as a secure platform to manage and access important healthcare data without compromising the security of data offering a mobile, interoperable platform that allows care coordination between multiple devices and multiple care settings.

According to the comment of Tilak Healthcare CEO Edouard Gasser, “Tilak Healthcare is pleased to embark on this journey alongside Novartis Pharma AG, which has a long history of providing innovative solutions for patients. Thanks to this partnership, Tilak Healthcare will make OdySight accessible to a lot more people and will help optimize the current health care process. The current exceptional circumstances reinforce our belief in the usefulness of clinically validated digital tools for optimizing remote patient monitoring and building tomorrow’s health care system,”.