Norlase Secures $11M in New Funding for ECHO Pattern Laser

Norlase Secures $11M in New Funding for ECHO Pattern Laser

May 26, 2023

Norlase, a leading laser technology company, has recently secured its largest investment round to date, raising $11 million. This significant funding will empower Norlase to expedite the production ramp-up of its cutting-edge ECHO pattern laser, which recently received FDA clearance and CE Mark.

Additionally, Norlase will utilize the investment to advance its portfolio of laser treatment solutions. The funding round was successfully led by West Hill Capital, a London-based firm renowned for its expertise in investments.

“In 4 short years, Norlase has brought three revolutionary laser solutions to market,” Norlase CEO and co-founder Oliver Hvidt said in a company news release. “With the introduction of ECHO, we are ushering in a new chapter for pattern laser products. This incredible technology reduces what is today a large, 100-pound piece of equipment, into a device you can hold in the palm of your hand and easily attach to existing slit-lamps. It’s the convenient and affordable pattern laser that the market has been waiting for. The launch of ECHO in the USA and EU, combined with the growing demand for our LION laser indirect ophthalmoscope and LEAF single-spot laser, means we need to drastically expand our production and global market presence. We are excited about this challenge and thankful for the support of our investors.”

Norlase has highlighted the need to expand the production capacity of its Danish facility to meet the growing demand for the ECHO pattern laser in the US and EU markets. The recently secured funding will address this crucial requirement while allowing the company to sustain its substantial investments in research and development. By doing so, Norlase aims to develop further solutions that cater to the evolving needs of ophthalmologists.

Apart from the ECHO pattern laser, Norlase's product lineup includes the LEAF single-spot laser, renowned for its portability, and the LION laser indirect ophthalmoscope. These innovative offerings complement the company's commitment to delivering advanced solutions for the field of ophthalmology.