MediPrint Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Study for Its Drug-eluting Contact Lens for Glaucoma

MediPrint Initiates Phase 2 Clinical Study for Its Drug-eluting Contact Lens for Glaucoma

November 10, 2022

MediPrint Ophthalmics announced it has initiated its SIGHT-2 dose-finding phase 2b study for its proprietary drug-eluting contact lens for glaucoma. This marks the second study in its SIGHT (Sustained Innovative Glaucoma and ocular Hypertension Treatment) clinical program aimed at treating mild to moderate glaucoma and ocular hypertension.

The company's SIGHT-1 research, which validated the MediPrint procedure and contact lenses for treating human subjects, was completed prior to the start of SIGHT-2, which is intended to evaluate dose optimization for the lead asset, LL-BMT1, a drug-eluting contact lens to treat glaucoma.

The final SIGHT-1 trial revealed a favorable safety and tolerability profile and demonstrated a sustained efficacy signal from a single dose, successfully achieving its goals. As a result, MediPrint is moving on with the SIGHT-2 study for LL-BMT1, a bimatoprost-releasing weekly contact lens used to treat ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. Patient enrollment is expected to start right away.

“I’m excited we’re starting our SIGHT-2 clinical study because this is a key milestone in MediPrint’s plan to provide a necessary ocular treatment option for millions of contact lens wearing patients,” Praful Doshi, Founder, Chairman, and Interim CEO, said in a company news release. “Eye care professionals and glaucoma patients alike are eagerly seeking an alternative to administering ophthalmic drops daily and our weekly medicated contact lens will fulfill that need. We expect to finalize our LL-BMT1 dose by the first half of 2023 as we continue progressing on our path toward FDA submission.”

MediPrint has hired CBCC Global Research for the SIGHT-2 study's regulatory, clinical operations, data administration, and biometric services.  Manoj Vyas, CEO of CBCC Global Research, said, “CBCC is thankful to the MediPrint management and board members for their confidence in both our team and ability to execute.”

The company also announced that its new headquarters will be located in San Diego. Corporate headquarters, research and development activities, and a GMP manufacturing facility will all be housed in the bigger building. MediPrint will be able to scale its current and future pipeline thanks to the new building's greater capacity, which is designed to support the development of both clinical and commercial-stage products.