Link Biologics and Théa Open Innovation Partner to Develop DED Treatment

Link Biologics and Théa Open Innovation Partner to Develop DED Treatment

September 14, 2023

Link Biologics Limited and Théa Open Innovation have officially announced their collaborative partnership to jointly develop Link_TSG6, a groundbreaking biological drug designed for the treatment of dry eye disease (DED) and other ophthalmology-related conditions, on a global scale, excluding Asia.

Link_TSG6 is a biopharmaceutical product harnessing the potential of human TSG-6, a protein known for its intrinsic ability to safeguard tissues against inflammatory damage. Notably, Link_TSG6 has demonstrated impressive disease-modifying capabilities in various preclinical models, including those related to dry eye disease, as outlined in a recent press release. It's worth mentioning that Link Biologics emerged as a spin-off from the University of Manchester in 2021, building upon the pioneering research of Professor Tony Day and Dr. Caroline Milner, who serve as co-founders of the company.

According to the terms of the licensing and co-development agreement, alongside an equity investment from Théa Open Innovation, Link Biologics will assume responsibility for all research and development efforts concerning DED until the conclusion of phase 2 clinical trials. Subsequently, Théa will take the helm, overseeing aspects such as commercialization. Link Biologics stands to benefit from an initial undisclosed upfront payment and reimbursement for research and development expenses.

Furthermore, the company is eligible to receive a substantial sum of up to £216 million, contingent on achieving developmental, regulatory, and commercial milestones. This comprehensive agreement also encompasses tiered royalties based on the future net sales of Link_TSG6 products within the ophthalmology sector.

“At Link Biologics, we have a mission to set a new standard of care and transform outcomes for people living with inflammatory and tissue degenerative disorders. Partnering with Théa, a leader in ophthalmology products with a wealth of expertise in preservative-free eye drops, reinforces the value of our asset and accelerates our journey to reach those in need. We are extremely excited to commence this partnership," Reuben Dawkins, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Link Biologics, said in the news release.