VSY Biotechnology Increases Its Speed

VSY Biotechnology Increases Its Speed

October 10, 2019

VSY Biotechnology has made new investments in order to make the supply chain network faster and more efficient in Europe.

VSY Biotechnology, with head offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Germany, also strengthens its network with logistics centers in Europe. The company opened a new logistics center in Germany on 20 August 2019. Since the beginning of the year, the new online ordering system was commissioned.

Mrs. Özge AltunbaĊŸ Göktekin, the CEO of VSY Biotechnology from whom we have received information on the subject, said the following in her statement:

“In the global world, we are developing our networks to establish close relationships with our customers all over the world, regardless of geographical differences, using technology and logistics centers. The structure of our distribution networks integrates with technology. As an international company we export to about 60 countries. In line with our sustainable growth, we are improving our supply chain and logistics activities with each passing day.

As an international brand, we have close cooperation with European countries in particular. In addition to our head offices in the Netherlands and Spain, we also take an active role in Europe with our distribution networks and logistics centers. We focus on being able to produce and supply the desired high quality innovative product just in time, at the desired date, in the desired amount with the Full Time Production Model called Just in Time. We set up both our new ordering system and our new logistics center in line with our aim to reach our customers in Europe much faster and deliver the products they want. We are increasing our speed in Europe with our new logistics center and online ordering system in Germany.

Our European customers, who demand products from VSY Biotechnology, can instantly access orders on digital media and receive products in a very short time. We are working to maximize customer satisfaction with our innovative products and high-quality services. ”