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Hospital in Shanghai Opens Gene and Cell Treatment Center for Eye Diseases

Hospital in Shanghai Opens Gene and Cell Treatment Center for Eye Diseases

October 27, 2023

The Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai has established a cutting-edge Gene and Cell Treatment Center to develop advanced therapies for eye diseases, deafness and neck tumors.

This pioneering initiative, unveiled during the 11th International Conference on Cholesteatoma and Ear Surgery, is expected to revolutionize the field of medical science.

For the first time, China played host to the prestigious medical conference, which drew over 500 leading experts in the realm of ear surgery from 34 different countries and regions. The conference, held from October 19 to 23, provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge, discussion of the latest advancements, and exploration of novel technologies and research related to ear tumors, complex ear infections, artificial cochlear implantation, and hearing reconstruction.

The Eye and ENT Hospital of Fudan University took the opportunity to showcase its innovative approach to addressing these medical challenges. The institution is at the forefront of transformative research, including groundbreaking clinical trials involving the genetic treatment of inherited deafness. Among its notable achievements is the development of China's first genetic medicine designed to target OTOF mutation-related deafness, as well as ongoing clinical trials focused on a genetic eye disease attributed to RPGR mutation.

Deafness and eye diseases are pervasive global health concerns, with approximately 466 million individuals grappling with serious hearing disorders worldwide, along with over 80 million people who are blind. In China, approximately 70 million individuals contend with severe hearing impairments, with roughly 30,000 deaf children born each year, 60 percent of whom experience hearing loss due to hereditary factors.