Haag-Streit's Octopus 900 Driving Perimetry Test First to Comply With EU Commission Directive

May 13, 2022

Haag-Streit announced that it is the first company offering a visual field test that fully complies with the EU Commission Directive 2009/113/EC on driving licenses. 

In 2009, the European Union issued the Directive 2009/113/EC on driving licenses for all EU countries. "To date, none of the existing methods completely fulfils the requirements of this directive. As a result, legislative bodies of European countries and eye care practitioners have struggled with its implementation," according to a Haag-Streit news release.

To offer orthoptists, optometrists, and ophthalmologists a solution, Haag-Streit’s EyeSuite i9.10 perimetry update features a new driving perimetry test for the Octopus 900. The European Driving Test (EDT) pattern, which complies with the EU Commission Directive 2009/113/EC on driving licenses, has been developed in close co-operation with medical experts.

Haag-Streit worked in collaboration with Øystein Kalsnes Jørstad, Researcher at the Oslo University Hospital; and Prof. Fiona Rowe, Professor of Orthoptics, University of Liverpool, to develop the test.

For more information, read the paper, ‘A traffic perimetry test that adheres to the European visual field requirements. 

This test has already been included as an option into Norwegian law for driving licences, and more countries are expected to follow suit.