First Fourier Transformed Optic Technology In The IOLs

First Fourier Transformed Optic Technology In The IOLs

September 25, 2020

Alsanza GmbH announces the launch of Alsafit Fourier Optic IOL. Alsafit Fourier total presbyopia correcting IOL with Optic design is developed to achieve perfect vision at all distances and light conditions.

Alsanza GmbH is an innovative company offering a large portfolio of Intraocular lenses, Viscoelastics and Eye Irrigating Solutions (BSS), announces the launch of Alsafit Fourier Optic IOL. Fourier Optic is developed by precious transformations on conventional trifocal concepts. Optic structure of fourier optic is freed of sharp edges on the optic surface and features the first reverse apodized optic that benefits dynamic light distribution. This unique design provides several benefits as continuous focus that provides vision in all distances and spectacle free life even under dim light.

Alsafit Fourier is a total presbyopia correcting IOL for cataract and RLE surgery procedures. By carrying a disruptive innovation in optical design, Fourier Optic is fitted out with reverse apodization in all optical zone (6mm). This unique pattern is developed by transforming classical edged overlapping Fresnel diffraction into Fourier Optic with reverse apodization. Throughout reverse apodized Fourier Optic, it consists of 14 soft transition steps which support possessing high quality of vision at all distances regardless of lighting condition.

Why Reverse Apodization?

Reverse Apodization maintains continuity of balanced light distribution and continuous focus regardless of lighting conditions. Patent pending Fourier Optic with Reverse apodization features 24H Balanced Light Distribution that enables high energy distribution to near and intermediate in mesopic conditions as well as photopic. That unique design promises patients more efficent light distribution and have clear vision at all distances during daytime and nighttime.