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ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Receives CDSCO Approval for Presbyopia Drug in India

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Receives CDSCO Approval for Presbyopia Drug in India

April 19, 2024

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, a Mumbai-based company, has achieved a significant milestone in eye care with the approval of PresVu by the by the Subject Expert Committee (SEC) of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) in India.

PresVu is an innovative eye drop treatment for presbyopia, a condition marked by the aging eye's diminished ability to focus on close objects. The approval was granted after the Subject Expert Committee of the CDSCO found the treatment effective and safe for public use.

PresVu provides a convenient alternative to reading glasses by offering rapid and temporary vision correction. The eye drops are designed to work quickly by adjusting to the pH of natural tears, ensuring both effectiveness and comfort over prolonged periods.

Developed in late 2022, PresVu underwent rigorous Phase 3 clinical trials in India and the USA. Results have shown that it effectively enhances near vision within minutes, with the improvement lasting up to six hours. This new treatment is especially targeted at individuals between 40 and 55 years old who suffer from mild to intermediate presbyopia, offering them a potential respite from the constant need for corrective lenses.

About Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a common age-related vision condition that impairs near vision, typically becoming noticeable in adults over the age of 40. It occurs when the eye’s lens loses its flexibility, making it difficult to focus on close objects, which results in blurred near vision. This condition is a natural part of the aging process and affects virtually everyone, even those who have had perfect vision most of their lives.