Cassini Launches Cassini Connect Digital Cataract Surgery Suite

Cassini Launches Cassini Connect Digital Cataract Surgery Suite

May 08, 2023

Cassini announced the launch of the Cassini Connect, a digital suite designed for cataract surgery. The Cassini Connect is compatible with most leading microscope brands, and it offers an integrated workflow and data solution for cataract surgery.

This suite includes pre-op diagnostics, digital ocular registration and marking, cloud-based surgery planning, and intra-op visualization and guidance. Cassini claims that by using their digital ocular registration instead of the conventional method of preoperative corneal ink marking, cataract surgeons can save 7 minutes per patient.

“The Cassini Cloud Planner is operated with few steps, easy to use, streamlined and accessible from anywhere,” Trey Bishop, MD, from Bishop Eye Center in Hilton Head SC, said in the news release.

The integrated platform that comes with the Cassini Connect allows for a seamless transfer of pre-op diagnostic data into a cloud-based planner. This planner can be accessed from any laptop or smart device.

Once the surgeon approves the plan, the relevant data is sent to the operating room, creating a worklist. The surgical plan is then translated into a customizable surgical overlay, which is displayed on a monitor. This feature ensures a higher degree of accuracy during the cataract surgery procedure. Additionally, the Cassini Connect's image registration and toric IOL axis alignment have a precision of within 3 degrees

One of the advantages of the Cassini Connect suite is its compatibility with most leading microscopes. This makes it a financially attractive upgrade for surgeons who want to increase their premium cataract volumes by improving accuracy and saving substantial time in the operating room per patient.

The Cassini Connect suite will be presented at booth 745 during the ASCRS meeting and will be available for sale in the US market. Clinical data will be presented at the meeting by Robert Weinstock, MD, Greg Hazen, MD, and Mark Packer, MD.