BVI Medical Announces Investment and Partnership with Beyeonics Vision

BVI Medical Announces Investment and Partnership with Beyeonics Vision

October 05, 2021

BVI Medical, a purpose-built diversified global ophthalmic device company, announced an investment in Beyeonics Vision, a medical technology subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd.

Beyeonics Vision delivers enhanced visualization, efficient workflow, and real-time support to surgeon decision-making in the operating room by combining augmented reality, tracking, and image processing/AI platforms.

The partnership also facilitates the commercialization of Beyeonics ™ One in the United States, with the possibility of rapid expansion outside of the US.

“BVI routinely assesses opportunities to partner with companies that have a commitment to innovation and share our entrepreneurial mindset. With Beyeonics One, BVI can expand our offering of unparalleled surgical experience during anterior and posterior segment procedures,” said Shervin Korangy, BVI’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We know from experience that it takes shared priorities to deliver on our mission and are excited that Beyeonics Vision shares our passion for and commitment to refocusing the future of vision.”

Beyeonics Vision has been working on Beyeonics One, the first and only commercially available ophthalmic digital imaging device that can replace optical analog microscopes.

Beyeonics One is an upgradable digital visualization platform featuring an ultra-high-resolution camera that analyses and transfers digitally enhanced images to a high-resolution head-wearable display for a truly immersive and natural stereoscopic 3-D viewing experience.

This platform provides surgeons with more freedom to set up the operating room and adopt a more ergonomically efficient posture thanks to enhanced automation, programming autonomy, and more independence.

The technology also enables real-time decision-making via configurable integration of accessible pre-/intra-operative data and seamless integration with other devices.

“We are excited to partner with BVI on the U.S. commercialization of Beyeonics One and the potential to collaborate on future innovations as well. Through this collaboration we aim to expand our collective capabilities to optimize all aspects of visualization for eye surgeons and offer a transformative experience to providers and patients,” shared Ron Schneider, CEO of Beyeonics Vision.

BVI first previewed its collaboration with Beyeonics Vision at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) annual meeting in July 2021 and will continue this at the ESCRS in Amsterdam on October 8-11 and the AAO in New Orleans on November 12-15.