Altris' First AI-powered Platform for OCT Analysis Can Be Tested for Free

Altris' First AI-powered Platform for OCT Analysis Can Be Tested for Free

November 09, 2022

OCT is one of the most popular diagnostic methods in ophthalmology and the most complex at the same time. Many eye care specialists admit that they come across complex controversial OCT scans regularly.

That is why Altris Inc., the company co-owned by Maria Znamenska, a Ph.D. Ophthalmology and the owner of the ophthalmic clinic created a decision-making support tool for all eye care specialists - Altris AI. This standalone, web-based artificial intelligence-powered platform differentiates between pathological and non-pathological b-scans fast and detects more than 100 retina conditions. It can be tested for free by any eye care professional on the Altris AI website.

All file types ( jpeg, png, DICOM, BMP, tiff) are supported and the platform is compatible with all OCT equipment. The platform is CE-marked and FDA clearance is on the way.

Altris AI has 2 basic modules:

Severity differentiation                                               

A user uploads an OCT scan inside the system. After the OCT scan has been uploaded, the AI model will assess the b scans (up to 512) and will differentiate between normal scans and scans with moderate and severe pathology.

      picture of Altris' First AI-powered Platform


This feature is the most interesting and important for the whole platform as it helps determine more than 100 retina conditions on OCT scans.

With an accuracy of 91%, Altris AI aims to provide eye care specialists with confidence when working with OCT scans. The mission of Altris Inc. is to set higher diagnostic standards for the eye care industry and improve patient outcome.

picture of Altris' First AI-powered Platform