Nidek Launches Fully Assisted Refraction System for TS-610

Nidek Launches Fully Assisted Refraction System for TS-610

December 13, 2022

Nidek has launched the Fully Assisted Refraction System (FARS), an optional kit for the TS-610 Nidek Tabletop Refraction System. The new device allows for subjective refractions that integrate the chart and refractor into a single unit.

Using objective data or a patient's prescription for glasses as a starting point, FARS is used to calculate the whole refractive correction based on the patient reaction. The kit includes a joystick controller and the FARS application software.

The patient is gently guided by a voice to reply to questions using a joystick controller. As the refraction advances, a Windows computer or tablet shows the test status and times. Even if they do not accompany the patient, a staff member can nonetheless monitor their development. FARS enables precise, accurate subjective refractions by employing tried-and-true testing algorithms based on the Nidek TS-610.

“More than just an optional kit, the incorporation of FARS further expands the capability of the TS-610 to deliver a unique subjective refraction which supports a highly-productive, efficient practice by increasing throughput,” Motoki Ozawa, President and CEO of Nidek, said in a company news release. “We strongly believe that FARS for the TS-610 system will transform optical and optometric practice to the next level.”